Featuring Virat Kholi

When you're one of the best batsman of your times and have a mercurial temperament, you face a fair share of love and hate. But when you're Virat Kohli, you channel both to soar higher.

The latest advertising campaign of sports shoes, apparel and accessories manufacturer, Adidas, revolves around the multinational’s brand ambassador and cricketing icon - Virat Kohli. In the commercial, Kohli sprints through a world torn asunder by the opposing emotions of love and hate.

The film loaded with visual effects and graphics, is expected to stand out from the clutter and premiered during the ICC World T20 tournament. The campaign #FeelLoveUseHate, featuring Kohli, delves into the duality that is part of the cricketer’s existence – love and adulation and hate and criticism – which are an athletes most powerful catalysts. As Kohli plunges through a virtual world of fiery emotions, the commercial explores the dual forces that drive the world, like love and adulation and hate and condemnation.

Director: Amit Gupta
Production Co: Hello Robot
VFX / Design: Zink

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