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Sulon AR VR

When you experience augmented reality the Sulon way, your physical world is not replaced, its enhanced. Everywhere you look your full field of view is the physical world you know, seamlessly augmented with new realities. It s the best of both worlds, literally.

The Sulon HMD uses spatial mapping in real-time to bring the entire space you are occupying into your experience allowing you to seamlessly transition from the real world to virtual worlds.

What if you could get lost in the room you are in? Wonder no more. Sulon spatial redirection allows you to move beyond the walls of your home or office without leaving your physical space because when mapping your physical environment its limitations and obstacles are accounted for.

Changing the way the world perceives entertainment

Sulon Technologies is unveiling a new kind virtual reality platform that will turn any room into a fanciful virtual space.
Sulon has released The Cortex virtual reality “spatial gaming” platform at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. In doing so, the company has won over the hearts of game developers in what is becoming a fierce competitive battle to define the next generation of gaming. The Toronto company has taken a different approach from

other kinds of virtual reality. You wear a headset with goggles that cover your eyes. It then uses magnetic technology to detect the borders of the room. It can then take game imagery and virtually paint those images onto the walls of the real room. So it’s like layering a fantasy world on top of the real world and going to change the way the world perceives entertainment. You can view this fantasy world as either fully immersive

virtual reality, or as augmented reality, a mix of the real and unreal where you can see virtual images layered on top of real world images. After you put on the goggles, you can walk around the room and it will seem like you’re moving around in the virtual environment. The room can be as big as you want it to be, as Sulon transforms the room by mapping a fantasy world on top of the real room. It works both indoors and outdoors.

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