TFO Rebrand

Brand experiences need to be designed to be consumed across all media, by designers who are fluent in all disciplines. This way a brand – by definition a promise of consistent quality – can be experienced consistently across all touchpoints.

We worked closely with Lowe Roche to develop a on air visual language that was both inspiring and practical. Combining proven design and development processes the on air branding graphics were created and packaged into templates keeping a microscopic eye on design and functionality.

TFO (Télévision française de l’Ontario) is a publicly funded, French language educational television station and media organization serving the Canadian province of Ontario. It is owned by the Ontario French-language Educational Communications Authority, a crown corporation owned by the Government of Ontario and operating as GroupeMédia TFO.

It is one of the few French-language broadcasters in Canada that is headquartered outside of Quebec.The network airs cultural programming, including blocks of French-language children’s programs, along with original series, documentaries, and films.
The TFO on air brand consisted of different pieces.

Every element was designed to be ‘Unmistakably TFO’ creating a look that is strong and ownable. The on air identity needed to feel familiar, timeless, expressive and inspirational, with the potential to evolve over time.
It was important to bring meaning and credibility to the brand.


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